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Softwaretest.dk is a Danish consulting company with speciel knowledge in the area of Softwaretesting.

Softwaretest.dk is running test-classes in Test Techniques, Test Management, Test Automation, Performance Testing and Certifications. 

Softwaretest.dk is also measuring the test maturity level within software developing companies where we use the TMMi model.

Softwaretest.dk works with clients in Denmark 95% of our time, as Denmark is our primary marked, but from time to time we do also work on assignments outside Denmark. 

You can contact Softwaretest.dk through an email to Klaus@softwaretest.dk

Klaus spoke at the ASTA conference in Seoul, Korea in 2007 on the subject "Using SCRUM as a Test Management Method." See Scrum track-presentation

Klaus was recently invited to Australia to speak at ANZTB´s conference in Canberra June 6th. 2013 on the topic Bug Hunting.